Review 81

This is a blog I’ve been following for several months, during which time it has seldom failed to move me. Originally titled “Draconic,” it has gone through a few iterations and sporadic downtime. Published by the enigmatic Nyx, Reunited features clean, spare design and excellent prose. It’s witty, too, with such recent musings as “I could KILL my body, but I misplaced my clone.”

Mostly, though, I’ve enjoyed the sensitive and unusual observations of an intelligent human in a sometimes-less-than-intelligent world. There is no comment feature, so this is a monoblog, but Nyx pulls it off. Examples of mood swings captured in HTML:

“the thought of what could be done with all the focused human rage in the world doesn’t bear thinking.”

“god, humans have the most amazing words. maybe the universe really has a conscience after all.”

and perhaps most poignant:

“if you get it, let me know.

if you understand even a particle of humanity, let me know.

if you can tell me why we’ve taken everything most unique, special, pleasant, intriguing, and wonderful about our species and thrown it in the latrine, let me know.

if you understand why we demean the lovely and venerate the obscene, let me know.”

Nyx is a very odd duck and is frank about discussing just about anything. A recent personality disorder test taken revealed the following (thoughtfully published on the blog):

Paranoid: Very High

Schizoid: High

Schizotypal: Very High

Antisocial: High

Borderline: Moderate

Histrionic: High

Narcissistic: High

Avoidant: High

Dependent: High

Obsessive-Compulsive: High

Unfortunately, the recent restructuring of blogger has left the delicious archives inaccessible. Hopefully this is a temporary condition because they are well worth the time.

Solo blogging often makes for tedious reading because everyday events can be so droll, but Reunited is an exception to this rule. The quality of thought and fineness of expression make this a great daily read; it stands out like a sunflower on a golf course.


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