Review 74

Some of the best sites out there have a little catch that makes you want to come back. For some, it is pure satire, others good dhtml/css tricks, and others their posts. This site, is definite posts, but how they are done. Now you are asking, what the hell is he talking about?

Here is the formula for this site. Take one dad with a palm pilot and camera, take one baby girl (daughter), and take weblogs. Mix completely and you get shebazzle. This is a weblog through the baby and the dad. The dad thinks of what Alli is doing and posts it.

Lets look at some good examples. Alli, likes to buy “relationship books”. She also doesn’t like to be a passenger in the car and instead likes to drive. Oh yeah, what makes these posts even better? The photographs to prove these things!

Originality for perspective of the author goes to this site. I really enjoyed it and I hope you do alli — through dad’s eyes (and palm pilot)

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