Review 64

I had a hard time getting into this site. Maybe it is because I have read so many different weblogs. Maybe it is because I have a higher standard for weblogs. Or maybe, I just didn’t connect with the posts? I don’t know. But I am not going to let that get in the way of this person’s site.

I really liked the layout and design. Simple black and white, and easy to understand site. He updates multiple times a day which is very nice. Ranging from many different topics, though recently about work. I also like how each day starts off with an mp3 song, but we are not able to download it. Oh well guess he doesn’t want to get in trouble with that.

Overall a better than average site. Though I had my problems getting into it, there is a good site here. I know there is, so go check it out for yourself.ackpth

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