Review 634

A cool blue group weblog that views best in MSIE, shows tremendous promise. The various authors seem intelligent and are quite literate. Topics of entries range from personal opinion and daily life events to music and beyond. The entries are catalogued in an easy to navigate side bar menu and the site features several links, both internal and external.

Any fault to be found at may be located in the entries, themselves. Occasionally, the authors post to and about each other, which often leaves the casual reader hopelessly confused. Fortunately, does feature links to the individual authors’ sub-sites, which contain individual weblogs and information about the respective authors. Reading the individual blogs, as well as the group blog, is recommended for a better, overall understanding of the authors’ central weblog entries. The group weblog at is only one facet of the overall site and there is much to explore here. Given it’s thoughtful design and quality of content, is certainly worthy of further exploration.

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