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The problem with Digital Heartburn lies not in the content, which is quite interesting, but in the layout. In fact, if Digital Heartburn had any more pop-ups, both MSIE and NS would backload browser screens for an inestimable period of time. One can appreciate the probability that the creator wanted his own personalized URL, but the redirection and the GeoCities pop-ups within the main frame of Digital Heartburn are downright annoying to the reader. Most people, when visiting a weblog, want to read the blog, not spend the majority of their time closing windows and killing pop-ups.

Aside from the above stated layout flaw, the font colors at Digital Heartburn could do with a bit of adjustment. The author has been thoughtful enough not to use stark white text (on the black background) for his entries; however, there is no color scheme at work here. In truth, there is no apparent overall design scheme at work, either. This is a shame, as Digital Heartburn contains some downright interesting and witty content ranging from sports to daily life. The author’s spelling and grammar is not nearly as keen as his insight, but many of the entries are still enjoyable to read despite glaring errors in composition. Unfortunately, the content of Digital Heartburn is not at all enhanced by the blog’s design and layout; and, many prospective readers will be distracted from the best part of this weblog.

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