Review 58

Wow, here is a site that for the first year was hand coded for each and every post. Amazing. Here is the deal with this site, many people able to post to the site, but only a few do regularly. Maybe it is because it just got the new work done with the backend stuff that it seems like six is the only poster.

But that is cool, because I really enjoyed his posts the best. Such thought and care went into it without really trying. Everything seemed to flow together smoothly as if each post belonged even though they are on different subjects.

I also really liked the design work of the site. Really clean and simple. He isn’t trying to impress us with his site, but his writing. And even then, I wouldn’t say he is trying to impress us, he just does it without fail. Photo section is really cool, and I suggest checking that out.

Go read the site, you will enjoy it.speechtherapy

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