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Menucha Blog

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Tom is probably going think that the reason his site got the review it did is because I am sucking up to him so he won't go off on TWR on his site. Nope that isn't it. I would not suck up to Tom unless I really had to in order to live or win lots of money.

The reason Menucha Blog got the best rating there is, is because he is a really good writer. Every post is worth visiting the site for. I started reading his site a long time ago because I found out about Blog You and it links straight to Menucha Blog. I read it, and didn't think to much of it. Then I talked to Tom about things in general, and guess what, he doesn't like TWR too much. Oh well, such is life.

So I went back to reading his site, just to see what he would say about our conversation, and it was a little skewed, but that is ok. What I found following that post though, was some very interesting posts. So I read, and read and read some more, and I got hooked.

See there are two types of writers when it comes writing about things on the internet. There are those that try to influence you straight forward, like Zeldman or Evhead, and those that do is subtly. Tom does it very well in the later form.

His design is that of 5 years ago, and that is the way he wants it. He likes it that way and doesn't care. The best part is, it works! There are other parts of the site other than the weblog which are enjoyable, though not as much as the weblog itself.

Everyone has what he or she would call his or her daily reads. Some vary between different types of weblogs, while others stick to one genre. If this doesn't fit into your genre, you should make it fit.

This site was reviewed on 2001-10-21 by Brent.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
Brent felt that Menucha Blog deserved a rating of 5.

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