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Magid Glove

We have all seen blogs and websites that feature wide ranges of products for sale, but one e-commerce website that takes on aspects of a dynamic blog as well but still fulfills the function of displaying an incredibly large product line, is, which is a work gloves, disposable gloves, and leather work gloves supplier.

If you have assumed that showcasing a wide range of products on a website's home page locks you into a boring collection of thumbnail images, do yourself a favor and take a look at this particular site.

Everything that construction workers and contractors need in the way of garments, gloves, safety eyewear and face protection is offered by this company and again presented in such a way that features products without cluttering the page and sending visitors to the website away.

By taking a modular approach to the design the Magid company was able to fit listings of new products, bestsellers and even a shopping cart and a sign-up sheet for their newsletter. In my opinion even if you don't currently have a need for industrial garments and safety eyewear you could still get a lot out of this website if you are a web designer tasked with combining a lot of information with really engaging design.

We are seeing more and more websites that have taken the plunge into what I would call modern design after the uninteresting and monotonous design simplicity of the 1990s; to get an idea of where we're headed go take a look at

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