Review 347

Unless Microsoft Word is lying directly to my face (Microsoft lie? No!), confessionalism is not a real word. Therefore, it must be either a typo, or a creation unique to this website (assuming they got there first).

It doesn’t really matter anyway. The posts have little to do with confessing, which is a good thing because it would be harder to consistently entertain with that kind of content.

This is a good site; the posts are long enough to be considered in-depth and involving without being convoluted or merely filler, and the majority of what I read kept me reading; the point was kept and consistently developed within each post, and after reading a couple of weeks’ worth of material you end up with a good appreciation for the site.

However, it does fall into the trap that unwary bloggers fall into with alarming regularity: the uninspiring design. The high calibre content is not quite matched by the template-driven layout; the site could do with a bit of an overhaul and perhaps should be made simpler if anything. Nothing should divert attention from the core resource here, which is the blog, as it is worthy of attention and should not be ignored simply because the site looks amateurish.

The score of 3 I have given could easily have become a 4 had the design been just that little bit more focussed and developed.


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