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Guilty Secret

A name of Guilty Secret implies to me that this could be an adult oriented website. And it is, just not in the sense of it being a non safe for work site. The site is actually about a relationship and one person's side of what is going on.

The design of the site is a basic two column layout with the main content on the left and a sidebar on the right. There is a custom header which is a little nice considering that it is an old style image of a woman whispering to a man. The colors are a soothing cream and brown that works well for the site.

The blog, as I said, is about one side of a couple's relationship. They have recently entered therapy and my best guess is that this is just a way for the author to get her thoughts in order before sessions. The posts are long and well written and bring you in very quickly and easily.

The author has gone the nickname route for everyone she mentions which is a good thing. I find it kind of amusing that all of her siblings are given numbers and that her boyfriend is given the nickname of N or Baddie depending on her mood.

This blog has the potential to be either one of those fairy tail happy ending or be a sad story. Right now it is still on the fence. For the author's sake, I hope for the fairy tail as that is what she wants.

I think this is a great blog. There is a lot of emotion that is poured into it and it gushes emotion to the reader. Most people will be able to relate to the author because who hasn't had a relationship that was on the rocks at some point? I look forward to more from this site, and I think you should check it out too.

This site was reviewed on 2007-10-06 by Brent.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
Brent felt that Guilty Secret deserved a rating of 5.

I'm not sure about the title of this blog... Guilty Secret seems to imply that something is being hidden from someone. Our author is incredibly forthright and open about her entire life here, and keeps little short of nothing secret from the reader. And my guess is, the blog itself is secret from her long-time boyfriend but the content within is material I'm sure she's gone over with him a million, billion times.

The blog is a fairly young piece of writing, having started just this summer. The content is extensive, as our author writes without ceasing and has a lot to say. The look and feel of the blog is very clean, white background, black text, easy navigation. The only complain that I have is that there are no "jumps" to cut the incredibly long entries down and display a simple stub for the reader to click upon to visit the rest of the article. The entries are very long and detailed, and scrolling becomes the rule rather than the exception.

Our young author is based in England, maintains her first name anonymity throughout the blogspot-based blog. She refers to her boyfriend as "Baddie." She is 23, he is 28. She is madly in love... he says he loves her, but... it seems that he likes things the way they are. She wants to be married, and wants him to commit to her, to their life, to their relationship. But he just doesn't seem like he's wanting the same things.

They've been together for about five years, and to me, it sounds like she wants him to crap or get off of the proverbial pot, if you know what I mean. Which brings them to couple's counseling.

I found the blog compelling to a point, and then got to a place where I wanted to yell at her and at him. I am not sure our author is actually in love with her boyfriend. I think she's in love with the IDEA of being in love, and the prospects of being in a long term committed relationship. And he is obviously in love with taking drugs and his own personal lifestyle...

She pours her heart and soul out, but I get the impression that she should take a really good look at her own age (23) and her own life, her dreams of working overseas (was going to Spain before University, didn't go because of a job opportunity; might come to the USA to work for a while, he seems like he isn't interested in HER life choices but wants to live where HE wants -- LA or NYC, and isn't too committed to the idea of ... anything).

Our author is very adept at looking at other relationships and seeing the flaws in them, especially those of her siblings, which she refers to by number. In a recent entry she discusses a situation with her brother where he states his girlfriend wants him to choose her or choose the drugs, and he won't drop the drugs... she's very good at point out what other people should do, but really needs to DO something with her own life.

And when just about every entry has a "category" of "drug taking" it becomes obvious that there are serious problems in the lives of the people she's surrounding herself with. She herself walks away when Baddie involves himself with "jubes" and other drugs... but nothing changes, and I get the feeling it just won't.

She's very young, very smart, and should really learn to love herself and live her life without stagnating in a relationship that is after five years obviously a co-dependent mess. I'm psychologist, but at 23 you shouldn't have to be going to a therapist to try and fix your relationship. That's for 43. 23 is for living. I hope she gets to do some before finding herself pregnant and miserable with two other children at 30. I don't feel compelled to revisit this journal. The writing is decent, but after reading the entire thing, I'm hoping that changes take place in both of their lives. I wish her the best.

This site was reviewed on 2007-10-06 by amusings.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
amusings felt that Guilty Secret deserved a rating of 3.

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