Review 343

The design at AtariGirl is suitably in keeping with her obvious interests; the logo is exactly 80’s console, and the pixelated graphics continue the theme of retro looks and squeezing as much code into a few bytes as possible.

The only strange part is the list of favourite Nintendo games in her bio. Nintendo? Didn’t they have something to do with the death of Atari (my history might be off, of course).

Retro gaming is remembered with nostalgic overtones, but it is worth considering for a moment why it is that the previous generations of games are so loved.

They certainly don’t compare graphically to their offspring, but the most important reason for their continued success is their playability, and the continued enjoyment that players take from console antiquity. Sure, they looked poor on the whole, pixelated graphics and a handful of colour, but there was heart there that even the most glamorous of modern games lack.

By now I hope that you have derived my point, and are on your way to the site.Atarigirl

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