Review 340

Year of Our City was well-presented

piece of work, with a cool robot

graphic to welcome you to the page.

The stimulsting visual presentation

was backed up by a detailed weblog,

full of rich content.

The author wrote his entries well,

telling amusing tales of his life at

work, his misadventures into the

ladie’s room, and other cynically

charged anecdotes. By no means

did he hold back his opinions, which

gave the weblog some flavor; just be

warned if you are offended by strong


I particularily enjoyed his venting

about teenage girls pimping

themselves on the internet with their wish lists, and the

“consumerism cancer” such idolatry


There were no links to other areas of

the web site, so I was left feeling a

little abandoned. Some info about

the author or some other information

would have been a good compliment

to a good weblog.

Year of Our City (not sure why it is

called that) is definitely a good read.

Year of Our City

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