Review 337

Zannie does an excellent job with her

site. She pays attention to the details

of the pages, providing a polished,

professional looking place to visit.

The graphics and layout work well,

and the site is easy to navigate.

I read through many of the weblog

entries, including a couple of the

archives. The entries were generally

a recounting of a particular day’s

events, or a pondering on the

direction and events of the author’s

life. Personally, i was unable to

relate to many of the posts, but that is

not to say they were no good. Zannie

obviously takes a lot of time and puts

a lot of effort into each entry,

providing an in-depth read every

time. Her weblog consists of some

thoughtful, high quality writing.

I checked out some of the other links

she had to offer, which led me to a

bio, other off-site link pages, and a

photo album. The photo album was

just a directory tree, and it would

have been nice to see some

thumbnails. I was disapppointed to

find that I was not allowed access to

her Forum, and wondered why the

link was offered in the first place.

I have always felt that with anything in

life, you get out of it what you put into

it. With weblogs, your visitors get out

of it what you put into it. Zannnie puts

a lot into her site, so I would bet that

if you went there right now, you would

get something out of it. Go see for


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