Review 331

Strictly weblog. That’s what wasabi

horse is all about. The good thing

about it is that the blog is substantial

and interesting, and it manages to

open you up to this person’s world

you would otherwise never know

about. There is not much else to the

site except a collection of links, but

not much else is needed.

As commented in many reviews by

The Weblog Review staff, most

weblogs tend to be short,

uninteresting blurbs. This was not

so at wasabe horse. Each log entry

contained lengthy, well-written words

about the author’s daily life

happenings. I found myself getting

caught up in this “what will happen

next” kind of feeling. A major

accomplishment for any weblog


I was impressed with the rich content

of each log entry, whether it was

about major happenings, such as a

sexual harrasment lawsuit, or about

the mundaen, such as buying

sunglasses. Either way, the author

wrote the entries to keep you


There were a few distractions which I

personally did not like, such as the

numerous mispellings, and the

occasional underlined text which

fooled my into thinking there were

links to follow. A little more content,

such as some photos or at least a

bio would have been nice. However,

the page as a whole did what many

weblogs fail to do, and it didn’t really

need to rely on these other frills to

make it interesting. Go see for


wasabi horse

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