Review 329

The best thing that Xombie had

going for it was the satirical

overtones with which it was made.

The graphics were intentionally

childlike, looking as if they had been

scribbled in Windows Paint. It

seemed as if the author recognized

the fact that he sucked at making

graphics, and took it to the extreme

by making extra-sucky graphics. But

it worked, and it was original at the

very least.

The weblog was not as interesting

as one might have hoped, though

there were some humorous remarks

here and there. “Inspiration hit me in

the form of some loose drywall…”

sticks out in my memory.

I had to scroll way to the bottom of

the main page to find the navigation

links for the rest of the site. I don’t

know if it was me or geocities, but I

had to try several times to load the

other pages. The best offering I

could find was a short story under

the “Art” section, which was a

heartfelt tale about making dinner for

a girl.

I wasn’t very interested in the author’s

favorite band list or seeing more than

two of his pictures, and I was

confused by the “Extra” page, which

contained a myriad of subjects that

might be best broken up into

separate pages.Xombie

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