Review 324

Use Before 02/01/01. Not sure what

the name was all about, but the

author’s weblog was an honest,

wide-open tale of his everyday life. At

first I was a little turned-off by his

pessimistic outlook, not to mention

his terrible spelling. But after

reading through his weblog entries, I

was left feeling as if I knew him


This one was one of those weblogs

you find yourself interested in for no

explainable reason. Perhaps it was

the unabashed glimpse into

Americana: the lifestyle of a regular

Joe, not the typical depressed ‘artist’

or techno geek that usually

maintains a weblog. Perhaps it was

the fact that I was reminded of

myself. Whatever the reason, this

weblog triggered introspective

thoughts in my head, causing me to

compare and contrast my life to his.

As for other aspects of the web site,

there wasn’t too much to speak of. A

typical bio about the author, and

some links to other people and

places on the internet were offered.

The design of the site was rather

bland, but that was probably

intentional. I wasn’t too hip on the

color scheme, but that may have

been the way it looked on my Mac.

USE BEOFRE 02/01/01

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