Review 320

As soon as I saw that this site was hosted at Tripod, I knew I was in for annoying pop-up banner ads. That was strike one.

The page loaded fully on Explorer 5.0 for Mac, yet all I could see was a banner ad for Fantasy Football and some links to what seemed to be the pages of the site. Clicking these links only loaded a new banner ad. That made strike two.

Moving over to my PC, I was able to see the page at last. Funny how I met and exceeded the listed “requirements” for viewing the page on my Mac, but was unable to see anything…

Anyway, I read through the blog entries, which had little to offer in the way of entertainment or appeal. The author admitted his own slackness in one post, stating that he often wonders why he bothers keeping up with this site, noting it’s broken links and it’s dire need of help. Perhaps he should have waited to submit it for review until his girlfriend did go off to school and he did have the time to rework it, as he questioned in the post. Strike three.

The best things I found about the site were the cyber manifesto that scrolled across the status bar at the bottom of my browser, and the quote at the bottom of the page about being a dislexic schizophrenic, both of which gave me a chuckle.

I can tell that the author has the potential to make this a good site, but just has not applied himself. Perhaps the makeover after his girlfriend leaves will turn his strikeout into a

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