Review 32

Tilted Wisdom: a name that evokes images of deranged philosophers in my head; an apt name for this site. Not that being deranged is bad, by any means.

Upon entry to the site, I was greeted by a mock Control Panel window. An interesting idea, with a lot of potential. Delving further, into the weblog area, I was slightly disappointed to see this theme disappear. However, the graphics and images in the weblog area were clever and unique, and gave the Tilted Wisdom name some life.

The weblog entries were mostly of a personal, introspective nature, which can get dull to the average outsider. Still, my interest was well enough piqued to read to the bottom and learn a little about what makes the author tick. I enjoyed the author’s descriptive style of writing, as it drew pictures in my head.

The rest of the site was interesting. A page dedicated to fictional writings of the Tilted Wisdom author, and a
unique bio rounded out the site’s offerings.

Overall, this site serves up some good food for thought. Certainly worth a look.

Tilted Wisdom

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