Review 317

Kitschbitch combines a nice, simple layout with a strong design aesthetic and some of the most scintillatingly acerbic wit I’ve read on the web for some time.

This site is not to be confused with the angry, tantrum-inspired blogs that only half-express opinions on a subject. Kitschbitch is entirely the opposite; the spleen-venting is well targeted, well developed and well executed.

Fortunately, the wit is present, and everything is in (relatively) good taste. There is a good balance between the dry humour and observations, and more casual and shorter posts, so that it doesn’t feel like there is nothing more to the site than caustic comments.

The blog is also well supported by an extensive collection of links and an entertaining “about” section.

All in all a worthy read, and one that I shall return to often.kitschbitch

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