Review 314 is the weblog of an up and coming band (El Conquistadors), and follows the exploits of the band members in their personal lives and careers.

Is this just an attempt to bring Internet celebrity to another group of rock wannabees, or is it an honest account of the music industry, as seen by a group of wide-eyed hopefuls?

Well, it could go either way. The posts are well written and insightful, and they only occasionally spill over into “look at me! I have a band!” territory. It’s useful to have a sense of balance in a noncommercial weblog when you have commercial interests to push.

Music aside, there is a lot of content here, and it’s all easy to navigate and wrapped up in a sumptuous interface, right-hand aligned which is uncommon in all websites.

All in all this site makes for an enjoyable read, if perhaps a little on the adult side (no nudity as far as I could tell, but a fair smattering of expletives). Still, there’s plenty here to keep you entertained.doctorgrosz dot com

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