Review 301

The title of this site threw me, and I’m still not sure why it is called by that name. I was unable to find out much information; the only link other than the guestbook did not work. It was supposed to go to the author’s “other site”.

The weblog was quite standard, with relatively inane and boring entries of a personal nature. Not sure why one would be interested in the author’s cousin’s dentist appointment, for example. A few posts were mildly entertaining, but most were random, fleeting thoughts.

The site did look sharp and was put together well with a simple, modern look. For some reason, the bright green background didn’t really bother me. The header was a clever image.

This one could be worth another look sometime, given enough time for some content to be added to the weblog entries and the link to the other page to be fixed.Umm…would you go to bed with me?

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