Review 299

I was a little apprehensive about

reviewing this one. It has been

sitting on the “to be reviewed” list for

quite some time, and no one has

reviewed it. I had actually attempted

to do so days ago, but the page

would not load.

That must have been the reason no

one reviewed it. Today, the page

loaded, albeit slowly, and I was

pleasantly suprised to find a very

entertaining weblog. The entries

ranged from short one-liners to

lengthy stories. The longer entries

were what I liked best, comprised of

funny tales of recent event; from the

attempt to save an injured bird to

running out of gas (or petrol, as the

Australians say). The author had a

unique perspective on life, which she

was able to portray with humor, wit,

and color. I thoroughly enjoyed her


Most of the site ingredients, including

the author’s bio, interests, and links,

were presented on the same page

as the weblog. I wished to learn

more about the author, but I had to

make do with what was there.

If you like to read a good story and

are up for some laughs, make sure

you check out What’s New Pussycat?what’s new pussycat?

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