Review 296

First thing I noticed when the page loaded was a kick ass picture of an atom from circa-day-parents time. Well to be honest, around the 50’s I think. I like it when people can have an original logo with their title.

So the rest of the page takes a long time to load. Why? Because every single post is on the main page. I definitely recommend investing in some archives. Good part though is it makes it real easy to read every post.

The author lets us in a little into her life. Loves James Dean and that time period. But for someone so into retro, the cam pictures don’t reflect it. Oh well. Yes I said cam pictures. She is contemplating whether or not to make the cam a live image. It would be the first weblog that I have seen do it, so I say go for it if you are comfortable enough to do so.

Design wise, the site needs some help. If you are going to have a page be 10 print pages long, do something with it. Adding archives, shortening up the length, lots can be done when it is more set. Plus, unless you read every post, you aren’t going to see the bottom of the page (unless you scroll) and see her disclaimer.

This site has a lot of potential and a lot of good things. I hope that soon, the author takes out the bad and replaces it with more good. The site would be killer then.


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