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Doing Time

Doing Time intially sounded like a prison blog, an insider view, from a prisoner's perspective. What you actually got was another basic template, plain black background, which I think works really well for site, especially since the writing is what draws you in. There isn't much in the way of "about me", but the links all work and some are quite funny.

The Trashman writes very well. His accounts, whether they be true or not, are very entertaining for the reader and wants to make you read more. For a blog that is fairly new (started July 2004) I believe this is a rare find. Doing Time stands out because it's got the twist that many other blogs are lacking. It's entertainment. Purely.

The purpose of the blog I believe is for the author to tell his humorous events in written form. He does it well. His latest entry Happy Valentines Day definitely puts a smile on your face, it will even elicit a laugh or two. His links to various other pages work, the one to Save Toby had me laughing very hard indeed.

I believe that the Trashman enjoys his blog as much as the reader's like reading it. I've given it a 5 because of the uniqueness of the blog in it's content. There are not many blogs that are both humorous as well as well written, thought out and stand out.

This site was reviewed on 2005-02-16 by purpledaisy.
They felt this site belonged in the Humor category.
purpledaisy felt that Doing Time deserved a rating of 5.

I was expecting this blog to be written by a person who was "Doing Time". We have had the homeless blogger, why not the inmate blogger? I thought that this blog would be about daily life and what not. Then I saw that this blog was in the Humor category and considered that it might be different.

The page loads with a header of a man behind bars giving someone the finger. Then there is the nice little quote of "Rehabilitated? Now let me see. You know, I don't have any idea what that means." from the Shawshank Redemption. I got that right away. The site has a black background and white text which is very prison like.

The posts are about things that has happened in The Trashman's life as he remembers them or as were told. They are real stories, with only the guilty names changed. I find it hard to believe that the stories are mostly real, but then again, keeping up this charade would be hard to do.

The posts are about extremely weird and violent things that one would probably never do. Yet they are written with a certain comedic tone to them that you almost have to laugh at the situation rather than gawk at it.

I could go on and on about the posts and stuff, but I don't want to spoil anything for you. I enjoyed this blog from beginning to end and laughed numerous times. The best way I can describe this blog is that this guy is blogging his life as if he was the main character in Grand Theft Auto.

This site was reviewed on 2005-02-16 by Brent.
They felt this site belonged in the Humor category.
Brent felt that Doing Time deserved a rating of 4.5.

2 reviewers gave Doing Time an average rating of 4.7500

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