Review 289

If only I knew the language

was written in, I might be able to give

it a much better review. My best

guess is that the language is Dutch,

but I may be wrong. Nevertheless,

the web site was able to convey it’s

purpose and allowed me to navigate

easily–something that many, many

web sites in English fail to do.

The site was primarily composed of

a variety of links, organized by a

variety of subjects. I looked through

some of the links and was pleased

to find them current, interesting, and

not broken.

It took a little guesswork, but I

eventually found the weblog area of

the page. It appeared to be a group

style log, with two authors making

daily contributions. Naturally, I had

no idea what they said.

The design of the site was sharp,

with a nice green color scheme. As I

said before, the site was easy to

navigate and made sense using

visual clues rather than words. A

definite plus for those who don’t

know the language.

Certainly is worth a look.

Perhaps a reviewer who knows the

language can do the site more

justice than I.

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