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Fragile Sin is a site that I used to read every day until I started this page. Then I stopped reading all of my daily reads because well I so many to pick from now that I don’t pick. Of course I had to catch up on what was going on in her life and I spent a good two hours just reading.

She has been doing this for almost two years now I think. I know that it has been at least one year. She has progressed like most good weblog authors do. They start out with an idea, and a simple site. In time they experiment with different designs and what to write about. Then they just find their little niche and that makes them who they are.

A little bit about her is she is a camgirl. Of course with all the recent camgirl controversy, she loves the fact that new camgirls are representing all of them. She has some funny points.

Most of her posts are just about things that are happening right then to her. She doesn’t try to make something funny, if it is funny, then it is. Her links are rare because she only posts quality links instead of quantity.

She does have a photos section. All of the pictures are of her. Yes she does have naked pictures of herself. The photo’s page is even called Fragile Sin Exposed.

She does have a live streaming cam with specific times and days that you can watch it. Of course that comes with a price. But seriously, so much of the site is available for free, its just a streaming cam instead of a refresh every 90 seconds.

I like her attitude of helping other people out rather than herself. She is very concerned with other badasschick girls than herself. Just one more reason to go read her site.

Fragile Sin

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