Review 272

Coax me is an above average weblog that combines interesting content with a nice, clean design aesthetic.

Well, that’s the intro done with. Though nothing here really sets this site out from its peers, the smooth interface makes a welcome change from having to search long and hard for any form of navigation (although the writer refers to the various ‘cliques’ to which he belongs as ‘cliches’; most likely a simple oversight unless it is spot-on humour).

The content is good and well balanced, and will certainly keep the reader entertained and interested as they delve deeper into the site, but once again you get the feeling that something is missing. It might be me just having ‘one of those spells’, but I think this site needs something. Unfortunately for everyone concerned, and especially myself, I can’t put my finger on the deficiency.

Maybe it’s a smoother writing style or more mature and seasoned outlook that I’m looking for; if that’s the case then I’ll return here in a few months because this is where I’m more likely to find it than a lot of other places.coaxme

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