Review 268

The Camguy was pleasantly

suprising. What would be

considered boring and dull by

anyone else was amusing and funny

by The Camguy. I think it was his

naive innocence that was what made

me like the site.

Reading through the weblog posts

gave me a glimpse into the mind of

this 15 year old kid, whose

comments about girls, life in Iowa,

and his sister’s boyfriend were quite

amusing from the perspective of this

28 year-old reviewer.

The site was highly technical, as far

as details about the author’s

computers, cameras, and setups go.

This is one sharp kid who put this

together. Building computers,

administering servers, and

designing websites were among his

favorite things.

I was disappointed to see so many

non-working pages, and would liked

to have seen some more recent

webcam photos. Still, the site is

worth a look for it’s accurate portrayal

of a teenager’s mindset.TheCamguy

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