Review 267

The design is smurfy; I’m a big fan of the miniature ‘about me’ box on the front page. I think it’s important to give your visitors an idea of about whom they’re reading.

The content of the blog was aimed squarely at one slice of the population: the author’s friends.

To an outsider, the blog is nothing but a summary of her day, complete with talk about people we don’t know at places we’ve never been. Some people solve this problem by including a page where they list the “cast” so to speak: a list and short description of their friends.

The writing, in and of itself, (aside from some minor spelling errors, but I’m not going to get THAT nitpicky) is solid. The summaries, while somewhat alienating to strangers, are in fact interesting enough to read through, and coherent and fluid enough to make sense.

All in all, ‘Single File Line’ is a very good effort, and quite worthy of the time I spent there.

Single File Line

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