Review 249

I didn’t know what to think when I first got to the page and I saw the title of Diary of a Lunatic. Is this guy really crazy? Or does he just claim to be crazy? Does he even think he is crazy? I don’t know any of those answers. Sorry.

What I did find was a weblog about a guy who has lived a pretty interesting life so far. He is about to go to college and I am sure there will be lots of, lets just call them fun, stories.

Speaking of stories, he has a small section for stories that he has written. Only one is there right now, but it was good for a small laugh. His photo section is cool in the fact that he used a Gameboy Camera for the entire section. Granted, the border of Nintendo and Gameboy get a little annoying, but the pictures are cool. I really like the fact that he has a caption with each of them, rather than just posting them.

This is just your average weblog. Nothing too fancy, but has some original personality to it. Every now and then I just have to read one of these day in the life of weblogs to make sure that my life is some what normal.The Clarkes Homepage

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