Review 240

Here is a big computer geek. I can say that because, well he says it. Multiple times through out his posts. He even has a post with his name in it five times just so that hopefully a search engine will pick up on it and then if he searches for Allan, his site will show up.

The weblog entries were amusing and informative to me. I enjoyed them because I always want to learn new things. Now because of him, I must go learn all there is to know about Unix. Thanks Allan. Not like I didn’t have enough to learn already.

The design is very simple. I wish there was a vertical line between the links and the main part, but that is just a preference. Color scheme is very simple just like the design, which I enjoy.

Anyone who would call them self a small computer geek needs to check out this site. He has a lot of cool tools that you can play around with. Even if you aren’t a computer geek, go play with the site, as it is fun.


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