Review 234

Another group blog, only this time with one peculiar difference: the contributors aren’t all teenagers. They appear to be between 21 and 26 years old, although that’s all I could glean from the “about” section.

The posts offer insight into the lives of the writers, and the choice of perspective and narrative style differs dramatically from the blogs of the younger generation.

Not everything here will find an audience, but there is enough content to satisfy just about every conceivable visitor.

The navigation isn’t without its idiosyncracies. For example, of the four links at the top of the page, two of them go to the same document. That aside, the content is organised well, with an archive as well as a best-of section.

The layout and colour scheme are good, but more of a love-hate feel than most pages. Many readers might find that the atypical colours used don’t look right, although it is more a matter of taste than a traditional blue-based colour scheme.

If you want a new perspective on the group blog, this is the site to visit.Bad Samaritan

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