Review 224

Even though this is a personal site, it got classified as humor because all I did was laugh, laugh and laugh some more.

The first thing I noticed when I got to the site was a little quote below the rubber duck that said:

If you do not like them, I have others.

I don’t know exactly what that is referring to, but I think it is rubber ducks.

The author posts daily for the most part. They are just little blurbs into his life. And if nothing happened that day, well he lets us know. He writes his posts as to be funny. Even if the topic isn’t funny, he makes it. My favorite thing that he said was:

The Power Rangers Movie – Do I even have to say how good this movie was!?!

This is probably because I, too, liked this movie and think that it is really good.

At the end of each of his posts is what he calls Quote of Now. These are random quotes, made up? I don’t know. All of them had me laughing. At one point while reading the site, I stopped reading the posts for a couple minutes and just skipped back (archives) and read Quote of Nows.

Design is very basic. Nothing fancy and it looks like a lot of sites that are out there – just a color change. But that is ok, because he wants you there for the posts, not the design. So do as he wants and go check out his posts as you will not be disappointed.

Three Eyed Duck

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