Review 221

At first I thought Jeff’s site was just his weblog and that was it. But I searched a bit and discovered there was a bit more to his site. Though I’m assuming his “main” content of his site is his blog. It’d be nice if the site was a little more developed like some quick access to an email and such.

On to the blog … so Jeff updates his blog a few times a month but he gives a nice summary of what’s going on with him. He writes, so it seems, through stream of thought; just saying what comes to mind and doesn’t alter too much of what he says. Almost like you’re in his head listening to him think about what’s going on. Jeff also doesn’t rant on and on too much on one topic and discusses things for just the right amount of time so you don’t get too bored with the content.

See what’s been streaming out of Jeff’s head and stop on by his site.bitofmyworld

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