Review 220

Obviously someone thinks this must be funny… Every page I have reviewed today has had a splash page! I really hate splash pages. There is no purpose for them unless you make a flash page and a non-flash page. This page has neither and thus does not need a splash page.

I enter the site and I see two iframes. Which is really a cool idea. Definitely liking the design of the site. But there is one flaw, no logo. Every site needs a logo. Without one, it hurts.

The weblog entries are about teen stuff. A teen venting to the world her teen stuff. Some good jokes here and there, but mostly personal stuff.

I had a hard time relating to the material at hand. That is probably because I am a male and in my twenties. Maybe if I was a female in my teens I could understand more of it. I am telling you, it is written in teen female, which is the hardest language to learn. So if you think you can relate go check it out.

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