Review 216

Honest truth: I spent over an hour going through this site. What? I don’t spend an hour on all the sites? Probably not. But this one got my time, which I didn’t realize had passed so quickly.

The first page of the weblog is all of Sneaker’s weblogs on one page. It is ust an entry here or an entry there. The most recent is what is on this page. Of course, I read that entire page.

So I started down the links on the left of the site. About the site and about sneaker were both excellent reads. Of course, they have a one time only readability, as they aren’t really the weblog. The about sneaker is really good, and you get a feel for who he is. (To quote him, “Yes sneaker is a person”)

I get to the writings section and we of course are now at the weblog itself. All the entries one could imagine. Sneaker stated that it used to be a very personal site. But that created conflict with business. After all who is the judge of personal vs. professional if it is on the internet? So then there is this version. He doesn’t write about stupid boring stuff that most personal weblogs have. Instead he writes about things to make us think. His post on “Does the internet make us narrow minded” “The Grass is always greener” and “Solving problems” are all great entries. They all made me think about things relative to me.

Of course there is also his quote weblog that I found to be very funny. Some of the quotes could be used in everyday life, most however would be good for when you are just sitting around with friends telling jokes.

On the design part of the site, it is really good. Little explanations for each of the links is really nice. Two minor things that I didn’t like, but the rest of the site made up for. 1. Splash page! I know, he is using shtml so he has to have an auto refresh page, but just do it. Don’t make it a splash page. 2. Because of all of the includes some of the pages are slow to load up. Of course this could also be because he writes so much and the entries are just big.

The site was completely original in my opinion. The author took an approach I have not seen before in weblogs: to make you think. Go read this site, as it deserves to be read by everyone.

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