Review 202

My initial impression of Enigmous was that of a well-developed, highly organized website. Though the design isn’t exactly what I would call original, I must admit that functionality and ease of navigation are much more important than having a new idea. Besides, with all of the weblogs on the internet you don’t really have a great chance of coming up with something “original” anyway.

The posts, to be brief, are quite interesting and generally well written. It’s nice to know that some people take their projects seriously, and there is NO doubt that Enigmous’ staff is very adept at doing so.

The organization is amazing. Being a NewsPro user (at least in the past) I recognized the current headlines, comments, and reviews as “built-in” organization functions of NewsPro, and cannot fully credit this aspect of the site to the authors.

Everything you want access to is right there to the right, or to the left if you’re navigating the site’s sections and ignoring the articles.

About the only bad thing I found on the site were a few bugs in their coding. Go to the “Reviews” section by clicking on a “Recent Review” link. You’ll notice that there is a link in the left navigation to go to “Main”. Well, if you click on that link you’ll notice that it brings you right back to the reviews.

Also, why have extended navigation to Fiction, Non Fiction, Movies, etc., when you don’t have navigation TO these areas on the main site?

I guess it’s just me, but it seems this site is only “half” organized. When NewsPro is left to doing it everything’s fine, but when the authors make an attempt they kind of lose touch with reality.

All in all, this weblog was enjoyable to visit, however the organization and navigation could confuse someone like myself. If you have a few moments and want to see, regardless of the few problems I mentioned, a remarkable site I would highly recommend looking at Enigmous.

*I do apologize if this isn’t so very well written, but it’s only my second review =).Enigmous

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