Review 2955

I chose to look at ‘Alfred the OK’ based on the name – I figured it must be a humor site. The writing is ‘lite’, but it’s of a higher quality than what you find on most blogs, and certainly less casual. The prose is flowery “At the moment, the plants are festooned full of magnificent aromatic blooms – but they look a bit like decorated Christmas trees without the fairy lights.”

Visually, the text is easy to read and laid out simply with a narrow bar on the left with blog links. I never could find a contact link, so I’ll have to assume the author is Alfred, or Alfie as the posts are signed.

This is a British blog that has been around since January of ’02. Alfred is prolific with three posts already this month. This blog is certainly worth a look.Alfred The OK

Review 2857

My first impression on visiting Bint Blog was that it was a pretty online mag. It has pinks and other colors easy on the eyes, and it’s laid out in pleasing proportions with plenty of white space. There’s plenty of links on the left that go back to Bint Magazine.

As for blog content, it does tend toward the mundane and banal. I’m sure this is the proper place for these thoughts, they sure don’t belong in a magazine. I took a spin through the magazine portion and didn’t get much out of it. I never figured out what a Bint was. I think it has something to do with being British. Of course, this just points to my own ignorance, but it seems like there could have been a short statement explaining it under “About Us.”

The blog certainly gets high marks for being part of something more than rambling comments. Plenty of content in this space, interviews, tests, links, and of course the blog. Well worth a look, and I’m sure if you’re British it’s a must see.bint blog

Review 2937

I have to admit, when I first looked at this blog I just didn’t get it. I know it is supposed to be humor, but I didn’t understand the use of the images, or the jokes. I have no doubt it is my own failing and probably not the blogger. Or, they have a unique sense of humor that I can’t understand. I thought maybe it was a cultural difference, but Herge was born in Chicago so that isn’t it.

The blog is filled with enormous text and lots of pictures. Some of the images serve as a point of reflection for a question and comment session.

It does have it’s odd humor, and a little bit of politics. The blogger is prolific so there is plenty of material to peruse.Angry Chimp

Review 2909

My first impression of The Wench’s Brothel is that the blogger is a little slutty. I guess it’s the naughty pictures and the parental advisory notice at the top of the page. The blogger is anonymous which is no surprise.

It’s a little hard to read with the color type on a black background, but it looks nice enough. I’ve always had a fondness for purple and black together, but it does make it hard to read.

Lots of poetry here. I guess it’s mostly erotic poetry. It’s really hard to understand the bloggers motivation for creating a blog like this. Seems like it would make more sense to make a porn site and be done with it. It might make some money, too.

Boys will like this site, not sure about anyone else.The Wench’s Brothel

Review 2853

I immediately liked Tales of a Modern Junkie for its black, white, and grey interface. The color really popped.

The postings are very short and the blogger, Joey, doesn’t seem to like using proper punctuation, which makes the blog hard to read. The postings are about his mundane life. Here’s a post that pretty much sums up the writing style:

anyways gas is super expensive and it sucks, and on top of that it was super hot outside i thought i would totally melt away. the clouds were nice and the sky was a deep blue, i love the sun but it was just too hot, i thought i would just die

The site is on Modblog, a blogging service I’m not familiar with. If a template was used originally, it looks like it’s been modified extensively. This blog is worth a look because it pushes the envelope of blog design.

One other item of note is that it has a login/password entrance. I have to admit I didn’t sign up, so I don’t know what kind of extra material awaits members.Tales Of A Modern Junkie