Review 371

This site is very well put-together. The organization is easy to understand, and the overall design is easy on the eyes. The creator of the site claims to have been webdesigning for three or four years, and her experiences shines through.

The site is host to a slew of teen angst type poetry and writings, which may seem cliche to some. However, within the pages of the website lies the heart of the girl who created this site, and she shows a great potential. I may be biased, but I love to see self-expression in nearly any form, and writing is my personal favourite — so to see a younger person putting these things out there is quite heartening. She also has a lot of lovely photography and digital art, as well as a budding artist’s hand. It should be interesting to see how her talents develop with

Review 312

They say first impressions count, well the first impression I received of this site was not a very pleasant one, the colours were garish and in my humble opinion did not compliment each other as well as they could have.

However, the entries are 2-3 times daily, most of a fair quality. As the title implies he is “Just another guy” his entries provide a good source of information on his life and his thoughts and feelings, whereas some blogs have a tendency to focus more on the “plugging” side of things.

The navigation is simple, with basic information about the site, hosting and so on.

Overall a pretty average site with nothing particularly exceptional to keep you the reader entertained.

Just another guy

Review 291

Here is a site that is from the point of view of a tech support person. You always get those emails of the idiots that call and ask stupid questions like my cup holder broke off (was using the cd-rom drive as a cup holder) and you think, yeah right, did this really happen? Well it probably did. Take it from this guy.

So the blog is basically just posts about work and his observations in life after college. He makes some really good points. I want everyone to go and read the post about walking out of a train and on the sidewalk. Form single file lines when exiting the train, and slow people move your butt to the right side and fast people pass on the left.

He makes some very good points about life and techies. Go read the entire site, as I did.

The Verge

Review 288

This was a really cool site. The author is in a lot of art classes, and shows off the talent. She goes around to a lot of places with her digital camera and takes some really cool pictures. Then of course she posts them.

For the most part her weblog is about her daily life while in college, and is very interesting. I just couldn’t however, get over the pictures that were taken. It is just absolutely stunning.

If you are an art person, photo person, actually, any person will enjoy this site.

Review 286

J’s notes are just that. His notes about what is going on in the world/internet. For the most part he just posts links with his little spin on them, most of the links don’t really need an explanation, as they are very self-explanatory. Every now and then there is a personal post, which can be nice.

I was going to give him major credit for his design, until he said that it was just a template. That is ok, because it works really well for his site. He found a template that actually works with the site, rather than work against it.

J’s Notes