Review 245

This is quite a charming little site, with some interesting posts and some nice photos. There are plenty of useful links scattered around the place as well, so the focus isn’t totally on the author’s life.

Design wise, the colour scheme is a little haphazard; plenty of colours are used but the site lacks an overall scheme. It also looks a little disjointed because of all the white space around the sides, and the site logo at the bottom doesn’t fit with the rest of the design.

The navigation is frames-based, which seems an unusual decision because the links within the site are all text-only, and the frame itself is too big to be devoted to such a small amount of material. The different sections of the site could easily have been grouped together so as to make it seem like each one had more content: the book reviews could have been grouped with the writings section, and it seems strange to have both “info” and “bio” pages, when they too could have been combined. The end result is that it appears as though there is less content here than there really is.

Other than that though the site looks very good, with some interesting photographs at the top of every page adding that little bit of detail that would otherwise have been lacking.

Outside of the blog there are a couple of areas worth a look: book reviews (there are only a couple so far), and various other writings (including a piece about the Final Fantasy movie that raises some clever points).

This is a good blog with a reasonable balance between posts and off-blog material, with only a few design problems. Worth visiting all the same.Floue

Review 32

I was quite taken with the amusing photo of Moby and simplicity of the blog area. I clicked on the 2 other links on the site and didn’t find too much. A little about the writer and 3 black & white photos which I liked is where the links lead me. However I wish I didn’t have search for other links around her site. I ended up pretty much lost. There are hidden areas, which would be fine … except it would be nice if they were not hidden to the reader. She seems to only post a bit on the 7th of each month, which I tend to prefer a bit more than once a month. But I do like the simplicity of her site and the little icons at the end of her posts for email and such.Tilted Wisdom

Review 45

This site has it all. Movie reviews and a personal weblog. The weblog is more than funny. I suggest reading about the roomate war. His writing about things in his daily life are just great and amusing which I am sure he puts a spin on so we think that. Also you have movie reviews. He goes and sees a movie and writes a short review about it which is just a teaser of the full review. Very good site design and layout too. I really enjoyed reading this site.Analog Ceral

Review 51

This site isn’t laid out like most news links sites. Theirs is just straight down the column, brief news bit after brief news bit. They summarize each news piece and then post a link to the full story. What I like most about this site is that I could just go there and read almost all of the important things I want to read in my newspaper and then some. They spend quiet a bit of time reading article after article from site after site. Something that I once tried to do at my site, but failed to have the patience to do so. Also they have a news letter (daily) with blurbs of the news and what not. A very good read and a very good news link site. Big props to Dave and his hard work.Next Draft