Review 200

How often do we go to a site that we can relate too? Ok well with The Weblog Review it does make it easier. But this is a site that I can relate to. I also know of like three people that should read this site as they can learn from it.

The author posts about her life and what not. She doesn’t post too much personal stuff as per her direction of the site. Each post is not a small post, but rather a long and enjoyable read.

Design is really cool. She just switched to her own server and re-designed the site. I really enjoy this new design, as I haven’t seen anything like it before. There are still some bugs with the site, such as the repeating bluecad logo, archives looking like the old site, and other minor things like that.

Her bio/faq page is amazing. Instead of just telling us about her, she chose to do a time line of her life. Amazing what she put into her time line. I wouldn’t be surprised to see other people pick up on this and have it become the new weblog trend. (Current trend is a tag board)

One thing that I don’t like about the site is the splash page! Granted it does state requirements for the site, but seriously we are in a state now where we can design one site and it works for all. Oh well.

So go check out her site as she has some good things to say. I know that most people can probably relate to her, or at least know someone who can.

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