Review 194

The writer at Chicks Dig UNIX is a guy called Cliff, who is honest enough to admit to not wanting to be a web developer. It takes a brave man to say that these days. Instead, he’s studying to become a systems administrator.

The blog itself is mildly interesting, although he has a tendency to rattle through unimportant details (eg “I bought and ate a slice of pizza on the way home even though I have a pizza in the freezer.”) whenever he doesn’t have anything more important to say.

Design wise the site is okay, but not particularly inspiring. I don’t think the layout fits the content: the posts are too long to have so much page width devoted to them, and that coupled with the lack of gaps between paragraphs leads to tired eyes a little too quickly.

There is some good stuff, and feeds from The Register and Slashdot help spruce things up a little. chicks dig unix

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