Review 193

The first that I noticed about this site was the design. Awesome design. Colors that are not normally used, well I have never seen them used before, are incorporated into the site. Also the double column on the right side was really cool.

I didn’t like the little scrolling thing at the bottom that said take your vitamins. It was as if Hulk Hogan was running the site. Also, it covered up the url to each of the links. Blind clicking (not knowing the site you are going to) is a no-no.

I start reading the short posts. Generally there are multiple posts each day, with some gaps here and there between days. Most of posts contain links with his take on them. Some of his comments were very funny.

The weblog itself is an above average weblog. Each post has a reason behind it – for you to go read it. There are no other explanations other than that so go read it.


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