Review 190

As soon as the first page loaded, I was stunned. The image the author has chosen for the top corner is one of the best photographic images I have seen used in a blog for a long time. The colours, the composition, the way it establishes a mood, everything about it is just right.

The rest of the design is excellent as well. For a start, the navigation and layout hold all through the site (a rarity these days), and is strong enough to fit the blog, archive and photo collection.

The blogs are well written and thoughtful, and contain the personal touch that should be present in a blog.

I do disagree with one of the other reviews of this site; xfinity contains exactly the right amount of images, and the CSS used is subtle and works perfectly. A site with so exquisite a front page, and good content to continue to draw the reader in, should be a success, and I hope that it

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