Review 190

Looking only at the weblog part of this site, I’d have to say it’s really nothing special. The artistic abilities of the author are nothing short of amazing, yet can’t he spare a few moments to spice up the main part of his site with a few images? Of course, I hate images because they take forever to LOAD, but still, he has the ability… Why not apply it?

I’d really have to say the posts are so/so with a few ups and downs here and there. Nothing really captured my attention for any length of time. I would say that the “art” section kept me busy, but I’m really not an aesthetic for other peoples’ computer-oriented art skills.

If I could make any recommendations to this author it would be to sit down and think about your posts more. You have your own DOMAIN, so lots of people will be coming to the site. Give them something flashy, yet QUICK loading. Use some CSS or something like I do. You’ve got what it takes to be an interesting site, it’s just that there’s too much “blah”-ness soaking into your page. Well, at least the main page. Main pages are supposed to be visually stunning, no?

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