Review 189

This is a pure blog. No “About” section, no “Pictures” section, and no half-empty “Projects” section. This does put a large amount of pressure on the blog to provide all of the entertainment for the site, which, on balance, I think it does.

First impressions count considerably in the busy world of blogs, and this site makes a very good one. Consisting of an embedded frame in the middle of the screen, the dark, mostly black colour scheme works well in setting the mood for the content. The caligraphic pattern that sits flush up next to the blog looks fantastic.

A lot of the blog revolves around the life of a teenage, which is fine because it remains on the whole well-written and eloquent.

The only thing this site lacks at the moment, and this is what is keeping it from a 4.0 rating, is the lack of blog. This site is still very young, and there are only a few posts in total.

Worth visiting again sometime in the

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