Review 187

Evil Pixie offers the perspective and opinions of a “wife, mother of one, geek wannabe looking for a life!” Read into that what you will – there is an audience for this kind of blog, that’s true, but whether or not others will be interested in it is another matter entirely.

The design is a bit of a nightmare, honestly, although in it’s defence it doesn’t look like many of the blogs of today. Instead it looks like so many of the sites of yesteryear, the mid-nineties, a time when links were all buttons with a coloured border suggestive of a link. The paragraphs all too often flow into a single stream, and the choice of colours makes easy browsing more difficult.

The site’s content is reasonable, although an acquired taste. There are plenty of touching moments, although this reads like a Robin Williams script; perhaps too sentimental for most tastes. But that’s fine. This site has it’s audience and I don’t think much else matters.Evil Pixie

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