Review 184

SSoft is actually a software company. Or so the notice on the front page alleges, but when you tour the site looking for the blog (it’s under “News” by the way), you begin to wonder.

The focus of the company is producing Visual Basic and Visual C++ software; they currently have one program for download. But reading the blog really turns you off ever wanting to get software from SSoft, as the writer’s constant reminders to himself to learn VC++ suggest a less than professional approach. You would think that a better way to proceed with a company would be to a: learn the language first b: build up a portfolio of products and c: be careful what you write in a blog if it’s on the same site as your business.

At least the software the company produces is free.

In terms of design, the layout and colours are bland and uninspiring, and it isn’t easy to pick out links when scanning through. The blog is occasionally interesting, but there are times when I wonder if the author is actually being ironic. For example, he believes he has thought up a new music genre: a combination of old school rap and rock. If he’s being serious, it’s pretty bad news.

All in all, not a very pretty or entertaining site, but not terrible. There’s a lot of room for improvement, but considering how much this one man is trying to do, I doubt things will improve much soon.SSoft

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