Review 183

The first thing I noticed as I arrived at this site is the fact it hasn’t been updated since July 23rd, however ignoring this fact I began to read each entry.

The next thing I came across is the lack of correct punctuation.

The entries were mainly funny little snippets of the author’s day/outing, however I found the writing fairly hard to read, but I found I could change the size by adjusting my browser.

Entries were separated with lines, which then included the date header that helped me to tell when a new entry began. They tended to be long and fairly easy to follow, the newer entries didn’t really require you to read the older ones before them, as each new event was explained fully.

The layout was bland and in my opinion could do with a bit more colour, however the image at the top of the blog was a nice little addition.

Overall a run of the mill blog, although some of the entries made worthwhile reading others didn’t, I think it could improve if the author updated more frequently.


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