Review 178

Chuck is a surfer and Pongo his dog, and this is their blog. Unfortunately, it’s a bit of a mess, certainly design-wise. From the first page, and a warning about malfunctioning JavaScript, to wondering where the links lead and if there’s any discernible hierarchy, the site is a struggle. Which is a shame, because it’s not often you have a blog written by one man and his dog. Hell, there even used to be a TV show called that here in England.

Once you get as far as the blog, things do brighten up. The design is lacking, but the blog, the focus of the site yet sadly hidden behind an unassuming link, is worth reading and is entertaining. The posts are occasionally comments about news headlines or links elsewhere, but a refreshingly large number are more than that.

It’s a shame the design is so chaotic, but if you can look beyond it, there is a decent site underneath it all.

Chuck & Pongo’s Organized Anarchy

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